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Since 2005 we are the only certified  VLA (Very Light Aircraft) y LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) airplanes factory in Argentina for pilot instruction and sport flying. We combine the proficiency of renowned national and international companies.


We have more than 50 years of experience in the military and civil aeronautical market creating a major milestone of designing, certifying and producing an airplane according to the FAA  (Federal Aviation Agency) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations.


Our airplane is equipped with the most renowned general aviation providers like: Garmin, Dynon, Rotax, Ascent Vision, Wave Relay, among others.

Our goal is to produce the most affordable, low cost operation and rugged  light airplane in the market.


In order to achieve this we made an airplane with simple, well proven and rugged technology



Due to the new categories for light aircraft CS-VLA / JAR-VLA and the ageing airplanes existing flying schools in Argentina a group of private entrepreneurs, engineers with experience in the construction of experimental airplanes and pilots decide to create a Joint Venture.


After the design stage, construction the airplane was certified by the National Aviation Administration of Argentina that complies with the regulations of both U.S./FAA and Europe/EASA.


This major milestone meant that after 42 years an airplane was designed, produced and certified in Argentina.


In 2018 the team of Petrel again made history by certifying the airplane according to LSA Light Sport Aircraft regulations, becoming the first airplane of the type produced in Argentina.


At the moment we have produced 18 airplanes and more in the production line of our 10,000 sq./m factory in Gowland, Buenos Aires. Our factory is certified by the National General Aviation Agency of Argentina (ANAC) that complies with FAA and EASA regulations..

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Fábrica certificada

PROYECTO PETREL S.A. se complace en informar a nuestros operadores, clientes, amigos y a toda la comunidad aeronáutica que, sobre la base de lo establecido por la reglamentación vigente, ANAC ha cumplimentado las auditorías requeridas y verificado el cumplimiento de las exigencias contempladas en el RAAC 21 subparte F, por lo tanto, ha otorgado a nuestra fábrica el CERTIFICADO S.I.P.A. – SISTEMA DE INSPECCIÓN DE PRODUCCIÓN APROBADA –.


Nuestra fábrica se ubica en Gowland, Partido de Mercedes, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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